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Reviews for "Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6"

crazy cool

best rpg series evah keep up tha good work

you died lol says that when you die :s

This is the most AWESOME GAME EVER, Thanks for uploading BlackDeviLX
I also loved the way its layed out. Can't wait for Episode &. Keep it up dude!!!

I don’t know why anyone would think hard mode is impossible, I’ve done it and it didn’t even take that long. Here's some information that can make winning a bit easier and also what you should do in order to win. Aeon has 4 different attacks that he can use and whether you win or not is based off of if he does or doesn’t use certain attacks. These attacks do different amounts of damage and raise your GB/OD meter based on that damage. You don’t need to know this info to win but it will make winning a whole lot easier. The Hand Cannon attack does 105 DMG and raises GB/OD by 35%, The Hand Blast attack does 135 DMG and raises GB/OD by 45%, The Four Hit Combo attack does 207 DMG and raises GB/OD by 69%, and The Blast attack does 252 DMG and raises GB/OD by 92%. Now on to what you should to in order to win. There are only 4 move you should ever use during the Battle ; Sonic Combo, Spin dash, Gigabreak, and Heal ( only use heal if it’s absolutely necessary, don’t even use it at all if you can ). Don’t use Gigabreak until your health is low, you regain health in Gigabreak and no matter how low your HP is you will have 635 HP when Gigabreak is over. No matter what try to attack as much as possible, get as much damage in as you can, and try to get your Gigabreak ready as fast as possible while still whittling down Aeon's health. Now the Quick Time Event part is short and simple to explain. The Quick Time Event part is all about trial and error. You absolutely cannot beat this part on your first try unless you already know what buttons you have to press and when or if you can react really quickly. If you didn’t look at a walkthrough or don't have a good reaction speed you’ll have to play and fail until you know exactly what to do to and when to get past each part. But besides all that stuff this is the best flash game that I have ever played, absolutely no contest, I really do wish FFSX wasn’t canceled, this series was my childhood. Well BlackDevilX, whatever your doing now I hope it's going well and good luck.