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Mouse Challenge 3

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Thank You to all NG Members who have helped out in the reviews of the previous 2 games, giving ideas for this version. This version is Mouse Challenge 3, the third game in the series.

In it, you will find a very similar layout to the one in Mouse Challenge 2, although it has been changed around, and I have added a level progress bar at the bottom of the levels and at the end.

Also, I have turned this game into a more classic style Mouse Avoider, as Mouse Challenge 2 had a puzzle style twist.

Thanks for playing and feel free to play the other games in this series:
Mouse Challenge
Mouse Challenge 2

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good game

i liked the music and colors. the maze is good idea.
it would be pretty cool, if you could have unlockable cursors to use insted of a blue dot

MVK-Productions responds:

This idea could possibly be used in Mouse Challenge 4.

Thanks Very Much!

It is possible to cheat

Take the "impossible quiz" coz theres one level that requires you to right click in order to pass a level... I did the same in this game, I snuck my way out and snuck in again using right clicks... Took me bout 30 secs or less but I finished the game without right clicks in about 1min 30 secs so it is still too easy... I think its time to graduate from mouse games to more advanced games as stated by kazyclay...
Try platformers or if you think youre good enough, try RPGs(not the crappy kind)...

glad your trying

its a start but you'll need to become more complex with your flash stuff

Major glitch!

That game was cool, but the ol' trick STILL works! I have finished the game in, like, 24 seconds! You should make a better version of it WITHOUT the trick!

P.S.: If you don't know what's the trick, then it's when you right-click, then you left-click at the goal. Pfff... too easy.


a good effort,
but there's way too many of these already.