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Destroy everything with a big bowl...
If you need further information click the "i"-symbol between the two arrows.
Hope you enjoy it.

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awsome idea

This is an awsome idea for a game but there are loads of glitches like the ball sometimes gets stuck out of the game screen.make the game longer with better graphics and you got a numbah one game! 9/4 from meh

Good idea, a lot of bugs.

I like the idea but the game has a lot of bugs and looks a little bit noobish.

First of all, make better graphics and some more animation cuz for now it's like 80% AS and 20% animation. With more animation your game will look more smoothie. :)

Second, make sure that all the bugs are gone! When the ball is of the screen it's hard to get it back, you can just pick up the ball to destroy stuff, etc.

3th, make it longer! There are only like 4 levels, the one with the houses, the apartment, the dinosaur and the guy. Make more! :3

So for short, the concept is good but it could be a lot better! At last, here are some ideas you could maybe use:

-make a timer, so the people have to destroy everything before the timer is out.
-make sound effects so it's more fun to destroy stuff.
-and just to make sure you get it: FIX THE BUGS! :D



The ball kept getting stuck off the screen! SO annoying! Although if you fixed a few things like that, i could see this being pretty good. Also, you should stop people from just picking up the ball and holding somewhere and "de-structing" stuff. Ruins the game. And get some music! I don't care what! I hate games that leave you in silence!

Not bad

I think thats not bad but not something special :P i think thats OK ;)

Try harder

This right here would be great if it was not only longer, but if it also had better graphics it could definitely get a daily award. Also I don't know if this part of the game, but when I got to the person that climbs on the wrecking ball the arrows to advance or go back disappeared I only bring this up because I thought it could be a bug. Good start though

Credits & Info

1.97 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2008
4:18 PM EDT