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Suzuki Tsunami Teaser

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This is the teaser trailer for the new fan cartoon created by Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto, the Santos Brothers and myself, Glen Bosiwang (Glen B.Wang for short, and yes, I animate all the sequences in this teaser). And yep, it's a homage to the great but sadly cancelled Nick show, My Life As A Teenage Robot (we're big fans of the show and I also did some fan arts for the MLAATR's official blog), Genndy Tartakovsky's revolutionary cartoon Samurai Jack, Batman The Animated Series and other great cartoons/anime of the Animation Renaissance. Since this is our first attempt at making a series of short episodes, don't expect too much from such a humble beginning but we all just hope you enjoy what will eventually become what it is in later posts.

Subsequent teasers will feature more of the title character's elite known as the Scarlet Steels. The first episode will be made as soon as I have the script and the original music!

Please tell me what you think of the teasers and the progress of the fan-cartoon so far!

- Glen B.Wang

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i understand the what's ital about bettre now , but i din't like this one as much , doesn't feel as fresh and fast paced as the other one , but i like the overall style , hust hoping you won't waste too many shots and keep the info pumping a little , in my oppinion styled like this , it doesn't need so many stills , but then again this izzzzzz just a teaser right ? still waiting for actual stuff properly rate it realy , good luck anyhows

This is amazing.

I love the art direction with this. The grains and effects give it a theatrical feel to it. It's so silent, emphasizing the great Japanese feeling. I can't wait for the real thing, man.
Also this should be front paged.