Psychopath Simulation

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No not whach my budy will not talk to me after seeing this.Hes not nuts but not the same.
Pless no Kids under 18 it is Sick?And FUCK UP IN THE ASS. I made this seeing if i FUCKED in the head?

I think not. But i dont know tell in the end of the Simulation Thers a think help me Know.


It has a simple and unique animation, yet it's very powerful. The background music fits the animation well. However, it offends me to see psychopathy simplified to that. Don't take me wrong, it is good, but it also may be offensive.

entertaining to watch...kinda

I like the graphics, but needs a beginning, middle, and end...maybe a cool main character.

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The thing is it's gnah

And you suck you sir are no psychopath


What the hell? You call yourself a psychopath?!? Whahaha

im under 18 btw

meh i don't see what is so bad about it...now excuse me i have to skull fuck my cat while killing my self =D lol jk it was a pretty good flash needs a little work though

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1.99 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2008
11:19 AM EDT
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