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Play4all.Net presents you with my lastest Tower defense game

Shape Defense

Shape defense has 2 maps you are auto selected a map when u start so it random.

5 towers total
We have made it so eachh tower does sothing different some are close range, Some just a standard bullet and some has 2 ways of firing that can hit multiply times and some slow down.

I made it like this.

There are many hapes to choose from but there not a huge amount out ther i could use for the game so there around 5-6 enemys.

Have fun and enjoy the game

If you wanna add this game to your website you can.

Here is a download link www.play4all.net/download .php

there is all my play4all games there Thanks Anthony

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Glitchy as fuck and pretty much shit, i mean, if you place a turrt or something too close it does no damage, wtf?

not bad

The graphics were boring and it was pretty easy.Buuuuttt i guess it wasnt that bad.


its not good but still good

Too easy.

It was quite a good game, except for the fact it was waaay too easy and the Grinder was the best weapon. Still, quite enjoyable for a little while.


this really couldve been much better. for a super turret i pay 5000 gold for, it is less effective then a level 3 grinder. also, a grinder is cheaper...yet more effective than the basic turret. anyway, the superturret displays doing 90 dmg in the build menu, but in its own stat menu it says 2000 or something. (the stat bars are a bit bugged also) if the superturret would either shoot faster, or have splash damage, it'd be worth its money. also, it would help if you display some enemy stats also...so we atleast know what where up against. turret animations could be better...

besides that, its fun to play for a while. it has much more potential...

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3.18 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2008
7:16 AM EDT