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The Extreme RPG Tutorial

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Hey guys when I submitted the Ultimate Flash Tutorials and got an ok score it made me a bit happy so I submitted another one but this time it covers the things you need to make a RPG game I also included how to make buttons and movieclips for those who do not know just find the click HERE button

OLD EDIT: Hey guys I responded to all your reviews

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"onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

code works GREAT but the other 3 will not work my character keeps walking through them, or gets PULLED through them any help?


Thanks for this tut, it really helped me at one point. Umm, the door's not workin for me, I just go right under it. I typed in the whole code with no errors, and it's a movieclip and everything, and it still won't go to the freakin' next frame! I need some help. I really do. Please!!! It worked once, and I don't see how it shouldn't work again. The thing is, my character's instance name is "player" instead of "hero" cause I got the codings from some more tutorials here. I'm trying to make the Ultimate RPG from your Extreme Tutorial, so can I get a bit of help here? Please?

Its a good tutorial

All the code in this tutorial works btw, and who cares if he doesn't explain it _y = speed isn't complicated is. And + if your new new to flash your not gonna be like "oh Ive never used flash before, im gonna go and make a RPG!"
You should a pretty good understanding of what the code means before you copy and paste it.

Jaye19 responds:

Thanks for the review :D

Thanks for the comments also appreciated

I guess it's okay

But, look man, this tutorial doesn't really TEACH anything, it just gives you the actionscript so can you copy and paste it, you don't even say what action does what in the game, most people dont' really know what _y+=speed means, so I think you should explain what each thing does, so that people can use those same thing you taught them in something else, dont' you think??

Jaye19 responds:

Sorry man I dont those mistakes anymore anyways and thanks for the review I learn from these kinds of reviews :D

Kinda not workin...

Not workin for me..... the doors dont lead to the frames, i just walk under them, I changed the frame here thing.... and walls dont stop me, they just slow me down.... so im kinda stuck....

Apart from my problems, seems good:D

Jaye19 responds:

I dunno it seams good to my flash and thx for your review