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Greg's Officemax Freakout

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Wow! Thanks so much for the Frontpage Feature!

Check out this animated episode of The Woody Show called "Greg's Office Max Freakout!".

Check out The Woody Show every morning at 6am to 10am PST on
http://www.Live105.com or justin.tv/thewoodyshow !

Greg describes his terrible experience with Office Max and their staff.

I just want to thank everyone who watched and voted. Thank you for all the positive feedback. There will be more to come. Stay tuned.

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lol that is what happened to me, but um I didnt get so angry lol I undertand the whole price thingy but hey a few extra dollars wont hurt lol

Sorry, I accidentally hit the "1" for my vote. I didn't mean to! This is a fantastic cartoon. The best part is probably how the lip sync is so well done. This seems exactly like what happened to this guy in real life. I thought this was from "Opie And Anthony".

I guess I just assume that because they're so popular here. I find myself so lucky that I have never been in a situation like this. This guy actually was pretty calm when he was talking about it. It was great to hear this story. Everything is animated so perfectly.

Funny enough, I work at OfficeMax. I've heard about this kind of thing happening before, though I'll agree, it is our job to fix tags and whatnot.

True story or not, it's realistic and this actually does happen at some of the stores here and there; it's usually the fault of the staff.

Never should have gone as far to a manager getting involved - I'd have just changed the price to give it to the guy for what the tag said after confirming that's what the tag said. It's what we're supposed to do, anyway.

Truth in advertising, amirite?

Well done, and it was pretty funny. But, boy, do I have funnier stories for you guys!


It was so funny! Really great job!

Funny enough This happen to me too....

...at a Office Max. I picked up a couple of notebooks and black ink for my printer. The ink was listed for 25 bucks(I know its high for one piece of ink but I needed it at the time) , I go to check out at the front, and to my surprise it was ten dollars more! The note books also were three dollars more each. I was like "What the F...", So I put the notebooks away, and figure I go over to Walmart to get the same College Rule paper for a cheaper price.

I think its their policy to misplace the tags.

Good you caught on them man.