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Sunset 2 Sunrise

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This is my final project for my college class "Introduction to Flash CS3". It is an interpretation of my day to day or should I say night to night activities. The project had to include a bit of everything that was taught during the quarter.

I ran out of time to animate everything. For example...the character's legs and facial expressions.

Hope you enjoy/ed it and please drop me a review.

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the animation sucked major *little bungly thingy between my leggs*

especialy the airial view, the (anoying) walking sound and you should have used some more tweening.

anyway can you tell me wat is the point anyway? i expected some more plot... I sew the calender and the painting but wat happens further?

the backgrounds were nice though and the music rocked!

ssry for the (i'm afraid extremely) crappy english and have a nice day ;)


Thanks so much for using my song i really appreciate it! Very nice animation! FFAAARRR better then anything i could do =P.


Thanks so much again!!!

TranceCreations responds:

Thank you

I would like to continue using your work in some more flash animations. Currently, I am drawing out a storyboard and characters for my next one. This is something I didn't do for Sunset 2 Sunrise. My next project is going to be done entirely on my free time so that I can focus on making it worthy of at least a 3.90 rating.

Keep making that wonderful music. I enjoy every second of it.

I would fail you...


Some of your backgrounds were decent,
However the animation was awful.

I understand you were short on time,
but you still should have used easing on your tweens,
and set the frame rate to 24fps, since it is the standard animation

You either went to a shitty college, or you were slacking.
Regardless you could have learned flash for free, and not pissed away your money.

If you want to become an animator, I suggest you pick up the animators survival guide book. If you are entering the web design world, then you have to work on your actionscript (this route is easier).

Trust me the competion is tough,
and that's something no school can prepare you for.

I don't mean to come off as an asshole, but I've seen way to many people piss away money that didn't need to.

- Celx S.

TranceCreations responds:

Right now I am going to college on a full-scholarship, so it was free. I realized my teacher was completely senseless when it came to animation when I started the course, but I am not studying to become an animator. I am there for graphic arts.

He actually made it a requirement to have it run at 12 fps. I had no choice.

Thanks for the advice though. I loathe time restrictions when it comes to my work.

You've definately got something...

You made everything work in sync with the music, which to me is an amzing achievment. I think its got something, though it would be a lot better if you cut down on some of the "scenes" (IE the long walks everywhere). The sound of the feet also got a bit annoying after a while

If you add or change anything to this do let me know, I'd love to see it!

TranceCreations responds:

Thank you---
Sure thing, I will most definitely make the adjustments.

My instructor made it a requirement for the project to be at least 3 min long and at 12 frames per second. That is why I had the long walk scenes.