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Robot War Strategy

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The war is begin.

Lead your robot troops to bring a victory on the warfield in more than 200 missions and 6 maps, conquer the war with 12 differents robot and 5 type of upgrades.


UP and DOWN: change the start positions.
LEFT and RIGHT: change the robot type.
SPACE BAR: release the robot.
P: pause the game and show the menu.

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its ok

the game idea is good an plays nise but the grafs are not good
and p.s. a robot with tires in the air ?? you should make that difrend

How Do You Complete Lv. 1?

How Do You Complete Lv. 1?

Its been done.......and done better.

I give you points for effort but comparativly, this game is really basic, slow, glitchy and a not a lot to offer in features. Just a hint, research what games your trying to mimic before you actually present.

Ok. so.

The 0/10 is to counteract the people who thought this was the best thing since sliced bread.

I really think it's about a 2.

So, apparently it was a photocopy of some warlords game with different characters?

Idk I never played that.

But this was boring.

And the save crashed it every time.

And for some reason... I randomly had the best unit after I loaded my save after restarting the game.

I thought it might get hard.

but after beating most of the space levels I went to save, and it crashed as usual.

but that time it didn't save.

So gay.

Anyhow, this wasn't original at all

And the graphics were kinda...

Really bad.

Nowhere near worth the computing power needed for graphics like that.

And... I hate people who copy game ideas.

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
4:49 AM EDT