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Pirates vs. Ninjas?

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Author Comments

Just a movie about what I think of this stupid debate. Wait until the end. That parts the best. I had a lot of fun making this. I also hope that you guys that are really interested get all angry and start saying, "Pirates are teh best EVAR!" This is just a joke. Enjoy. I used this song cause its a ninja song! The author said so himself.

Edit: Thank you for the nice reviews. I suggest you don't do play again because I coded the shaking up and down. That makes the screen go down or to the sides. So exit out and watch again.

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Pretty random but I liked it. The graphics were good and the whole idea was pretty funny and seemingly worked. Nice stuff.


Better ending
Make it longer

~ DeIvL666 ~

(title in work)

I enjoyed this information. I share your sentiment that the whole pirates vs. ninja debate got really out of hand and annoying. I enjoyed your animation, it was simple yet got the point across, and the character drawings did the same. I would have liked a few more sound effects in this, and the ending was a bit of a let down. I don't see how crushing one overused meme is accomplished by using another overused meme.


LOL that was funny ummm..yeah i wonder why the pirates vs ninjas thing started anyways this was great loved the doctor octagonapus thing at the end ^^


MrAbnormal responds:

Oh yeah, you wanna go punk! Just kidding. But I do like Ninjas more.

ninja vs. pirates

It was a very good flash "you know what I must do" LOL

MrAbnormal responds:

I do?

A bit unpolished,

but the idea's nice.
Only, 2 things:
1. Comic Sans is evil. Seriously. It's >:(.
2. Ninja's rule LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!
No. Just kidding.

Nice work overall :P.

MrAbnormal responds:

Thank you verry much.

Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2008
8:26 PM EDT