Super Happy Fun Time 21

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Star Trek is discussed in this episode.

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There are Four Lights!

Damn 21 episodes?? Where's the collection?! Somebody get this man a collection!

I'd like to see an Indiana Jones episode! er.. Diabetus Jones..
It should be revealed that Sean Connery is in fact ipump's father!

"We named the dog 'Diabetus'"

RomanCollarClock responds:

What are you talking about??? There are FIVE lights.

i liked it!

but not just for the mere representin of chris the stick. TWO.
no, sir... its because of the beautifull dialogue, and funny jokes, as well, as the punchline.

am i the only one to interrupt insulin pump, and then let him say the diabeetus twice?

is my power SO big?

am i so cool?

do i always look so tall in front of camera's?

and will we find the super cool adventure back in ep. 18? FIND OUT IN.. fr- super cool times 23

Another fine addition

Chris the Stick2 is dressed as Geordi. I'm registering a formal complaint. SHFT would make a better Star Trek spin off then Deepspace 9 was.

Also good job pissing someone off with your old pube muppet movie. All the positive reviews keep getting flagged! Just like old times. Memmories.

Only special kind of films such as these can generate such high brow response.

I am Locutus of Borg!

RomanCollarClock responds:

I'm actually glad my PM movie got a score of like 1.75. It got tons of reviews and everybody's pissed! hahaha, definitely memories

We should make some more SHFT. It's one of the few movies I've fully enjoyed animating. God bless Sherclockholmes.

Interesting conversation.

Although it was (obviously) lacking in the animation department, the funny conversation and good graphics made up for that. "I have diabe-- You are not getting out of this that easily!" I actually laughed out loud.
Of course, this would be better with animation and more action, but the conversation and humor will suffice.
It's great when Clocks don't made obvious spam, amirite?


I don't know what I just watched and probably not going to take the time to watch is again, but it was kinda funny :P

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2008
10:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody