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Whats That Sound?

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Author Comments

This is it, its over, finally got this project out of the way. My first major cartoon in almost 2 years

What should have taken weeks ended up taking months after life issues, PC crashes, other projects, grand theft auto 4 is finally complete.

This is not a coherent story, this is not a comedy, this is not a serious piece, this is nothing more then a strange and ultimately pointless tale about one Asparagus's quest to end an annoying sound that only he can hear. This was largely nothing more then an experiment, with backgrounds made with textures within flash, several animation styles and more filters then a n00bs first photoshop piece. This is the Ultimate Asparagu's Ultimate Adventure...for now.

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Entertaining and estetacly pleasing. Loved the animation. Good job man.

Only one thing to say

That flash was EXCELLENT anyone who gives this less than 10 should be shot


Very amusing. I like your style, and the script is funny, intelligent, and witty. Exceedingly original. No real flaws, love the space mushrooms at the end. Keep the good stuff coming dude.

(I'd write a better review but am sleep deprived, the curse of being an unsigned musician, eh?)


No front page? no awards? Christ newgrounds does my head in sometimes. This was really enjoyable despite the incoherent story...I think most were looking for something funny when this is more surreal. nice backgrounds.

Great Animation and Style

I can see why you are so critical of flashes that use stale jokes, poor animation, and internet memes. They obviously lack the quality and patience that you put into yours. Even though it wasn't a serious piece, this flash was an example of outstanding professionalism and we applaud you.

*crowd of people behind me give a standing ovation*

Just one thing though. Gerkinman looked a little like "Weird Al" Yankovich. Was that your intention?