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Author Comments

this is my 5th movie on newgrounds. and i think this is my best by far. i worked hard on this and i hope it deserves at least a score of 3. i am still kind of a noob to flash. but i am improving. this movie is around 3 mins long and filled with chase scenes and action ones. i hope you enjoy this one than my others and enjoy. helpfull comments are welcome as always and some constructive criticism. enjoy and thanks for reviewing and watching=)

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=DDD Zombies!

Very nice take on the zombie genre...making a creature that's actually kind of scary. And I have to disagree, this isn't like Romero's movies, besides the whole cannibal disease spread by bites....

But now for some crit! The very first scene was the best, although your walk cycles were still a lil funky. The zombie falling from the building was very cool. And the scene where everybody is running helps establish fear of the creatures, because they kill almost at will. What was bad was the rubble and the road...I didn't really know what I was looking at for scenery. Did the road get destroyed? It was all so busy and cluttered, without any real form. But this scene is scattered with well animated bits, like the guy jumping over the car, the zombie shooting spikes at him and he dodges them, barely, among others. And in the final part, (do I need to mention the soldiers voice? wtf was wrong with it anyways? XD) when the soldier throws the card, that just seemed cliched. And it would have been nice to see the soldier kill more than one, just for kicks.

One final piece of advice...either get someone to edit your text, or type it in a word processing program and then copy/paste it into flash, because your grammar is pretty bad, and detracts from the story. Not to be mean...lol.

Oh, and by the way, I don't usually crit people like I have your past couple animations, but I can tell that you have been and are going to improve (and in a big way), so I figure you could use the pointers...although I'm not sure you didn't already notice most of them yourself...XD, sorry if I'm annoying.

legendaryshiled responds:

NO man not at all your not annoying. thanks for the review though and think i should slow down on my text because i write fast and then dont check it later. thanks for pointing that out to me though. My next flash will be a lot better. its in the works and yeah it will be awsome. thanks for the review dude.

Fuckin awsum Brent!

Nice job. The was good and I'm very sorry to say this, I like the Nonsense thing more. You did a nice job in this too :)...

legendaryshiled responds:

LOL i think i did a better job in tht too LOL thanks man and no worries=)

I want flash.

brent this is awesome

legendaryshiled responds:

LMAO thanks

Night of the Day of the Dawn!

Nice illustrating, even though it does basically follow the NIght of the Dead movies. Now that you have backgrounds down pat, start working on better looking character images.

legendaryshiled responds:

yeah i guess your right about the night of the dead movies LOl. i guess i was trying to approach that without the use of zombies so i just created black creatures LOL. i will work harder for my next movie. i will also work on my characters this time. and thanks for the review=)

Not Bad...I think I liked it

Im usually more critical but for your "raw' drawing style I could still understand your story, but it was a bit short. I look forward to seeing you progress. Please dont take this this the wrong way. :)

legendaryshiled responds:

no worries man. thanks for the review. and i will improv on the characters Lol

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

May 31, 2008
4:27 PM EDT
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