Cloggers Adventure Ep. 4

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Hello, Newgrounds.

This is the fourth installment in a new flash saga that I am creating starring Clogger, a unique being that this world rarely sees.

Today, Clogger is speaking to the people about their promising future.

Tell me what you think of him!

Also: Epileptics GTFO.


its now too oblivous now

right from the start, you had the "FUCK YOU!" thing, and you wouldnt like to live with epileicy, cause if you watch stuff like this, youre screwed. also, there is terrible spelling everywhere, i know i cant spell epliepcy, but this is alot worse...

God oh god NG be saved.......

I'm speechless... I've only been on NG for a couple of months..........but I have never EVER seen such a bad animation. Wait, that wasn't EVEN an animation, it's just a picture you didn't even do yourself and that you added some text to it. So even then you could maybe have saved yourself and write something funny for the diologue but no, you still went wrong. I didn't even take care of the spelling mistakes all the other reviewers are pointing out, because I couldn't even care about the entire script! I couldn't understand anything that was going on, far too confusing.
Oh and of course, there is the pointless spawning of "fuck you" everywhere on the screen. What was the meaning of that? It's just agonizing not only to see such movies, but also knowing that they actually don't get blamed. Speaking of blame, I saw your last flash submission, and believe me, I'll do whatever I can to make sure it goes straight to the obituaries.

You believe that reviewers like us are a cancer? What do you believe NG is for anywhere? That it's a playground where you can mess around with any ideas that goes through your head? NG should be a community where people submit their talent and artistic feelings..........................You seriously must be capable of doing something better than THAT. Something that shows some hard work, devotion, and quality.
You should stop criticizing reviewers and maybe start criticizing yourself.
I hope in the future you will take flashes much more seriously.

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Grumio responds:

I'm speechless... I've been on NG for a couple of years... But I have never seen such a cancerous review.

I'm not going to bother to tell you that the spelling mistakes are of purpose (OH W8 I JEST DID LAWL). Same with how there technically is animation, there is no script, and how you can't do a thing to send this to the obituary (as it doesn't break any rules).

Yes. And you are the perfect example. I would LOVE for NG to be a community of moderately hard-working flash artists with a place to showcase their stuff. I honestly would.

But it's not.

NG is basically a heirachy, where you have hard working artists at the top like Philips, followed by the aspiring rising talent, then the lazy, then the spam, the newfag, and the notalent.

Notalent being the cancer. Those who have never seen flash, and most likely never will who think themselves "The Judgment God". People like you. Maybe instead of criticizing others, you should invest in flash and try it yourself.

I hope in the future you learn that NG is not srs business.


Pointless, unfunny, terrible use of grammar, close to no animation, really what was the point in making this?

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Grumio responds:

You used "terribad" to title your review and you're calling the flash pointless, unfunny, and terribly grammerated?


What the fuck is a "chofer"?

Next time, use spell check.

Also, this really sucked.

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Grumio responds:

A "chofer" is a driver.

From Dictionary.com: "driver [%u02C8dra%u026Av%u0259%u02B3] n %u2192 conductor(a) m/f; chofer m (LAM) [of taxi] %u2192 taxista m/f", so suck my dick.

If you knew anything about Flash you would know it doesn't have a spellcheck function; but you are another one of those fags who has never even seen a .fla file.

Also: you don't belong on NG.

It's a screamer.

Seriously you could give someone a heart attack...

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Grumio responds:

Because anyone who is old enough to get a heart attack from this browses Newgrounds.

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May 31, 2008
2:40 PM EDT
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