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This is just a quik game i buit origanally for myself as i'm making a gibson guitar .. but i thought i would try it out on her ... if it does well .. there will be all kinds of updates such as:
New bodies
New pickups
Custom Paint jobs
And a lil secret ; )



it really sucked but its just cause of the lack of parts but i did love the fact that u didnt leave the gibson sg out

You know...

They've got a better one of these at the actual gibson website. If you want to make something like this that's actually entertaining, you're gonna have to throw in a hell of a lot more content than this. More parts, backgrounds, and so on. You definately need to throw in more bodies than just the les paul. Some musically themed backgrounds would be cool, like a metal, blues and jazz themed backgrounds for example.

Interlocking parts

would be a good idea.

Since you're relying on the player to put the guitar together, if they "snapped" into place (maybe into an outline you could have) then it would be a simple put-the-square-peg-into-the-square-ho le kind of concept, then it would be accessible to more people.

besides that, a background would be nice, something bitchin that screams rock and roll.

and as you said with the update, more this more that, bla bla bla, is always welcomed so keep that up.

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Yea ive got to agree with the other guys, limited and quite boring,im going to be generous this time


I think it was a nice attempt but it just didn't really have a good pay off and it's very limited on who would like to even play it.

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3.13 / 5.00

May 31, 2008
11:34 AM EDT
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