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Like the first 2 what is its? except with sound and no pics



^^Good Points^^
This is a neat idea for a game. Great concept will lead to improvement in the future episodes I am about to review, so I look forward to seeing them. The interface was good and the game worked fairly well.

^^Needs Improving^^
First to deal with the interface. The buttons are very hard to click seeing how they are just text. For easier navigation, you should definitely put rectangles behind the text to serve as buttons. This game was very challenging...probably too challenging. You played clips that were just a fraction of a second, and it was incredibly hard to distinguish them and put them to a song. It would probably be easier if you had put a replay button so the player could listen to a clip multiple times before guessing.

Nice idea, it wasn't too bad

It was a nice idea to go and do a sound one after doing a picture one and it wasn't too bad, some of the pieces of music should have been longer though, as some of them weren't even a second long and it was impossible to work out what it actually was, again when you got one wrong you had to restart, which again was annoying, you really should ahve ahd it so that you go back and have another guess at the question you just got wrong.

Some of these were really hard, i did fine on the metal/rock ones it was just the pop and rap ones, considering its hard to tell pop/rap song apart from another pop/rap song as they all sound the same anyway, that just made it even harder to guess who the songs were actually by.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


this shit sucks

man this sucked nuts! mebbe you should try harder next time!

well it was different

But got boring real fast..


Nothing new, you should make certain songs go for longer because they are too tough to figure out and you should make certain songs shorter because they are too easy.

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2.16 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2000
10:22 PM EDT
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