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Dreamland Blitz

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Ah, finally it's done! Just another violent punch up in the so-called peaceful valley of Dreamland. I must have watched NASF and Power Star a million times to get ideas, so this is really really unoriginal and features incredibly over-used themes. Do watch it though! I spent ages drawing those sprites.
Edit: Fixed the replay problem, and the background being black for some reason. Has enyone clicked on the easer egg and the end?
Edit2: Hay! Why don't you guys recommend it for the Kirby collection? Dat would be awesome!
Edit3: I added a third background layer and made the whole thing shake when a hit landed.

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I loved this! It's mostly because of the slick animation. It wasn't sprites, but it seemed to be imitating them. I just loved seeing how fast paced this was. I wish I knew the names of these enemies. I never played Kirby as a kid.

It's fun no matter what you played. The music was great too. My favorite part might have been when he blocked the cannon. I thought he was gone for at one point. Well, he kind of was a the end. Still a great cartoon.


It was a good video but I think it would be better if Kirby's attacks went to the beat of the music

go to youtube and desrotchen series and Lonealchimist has kirby videos that are the best
Inclodind the kirbys:aege saito samuel sareo noll

Kirby ruled till the end but he still rules