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HELXLIA is a groundbreaking, platform adventure. It takes place in the mystical land of Helxlia and features a magical mechanic not found in any other game. In HELXLIA, the player can lift up the ground with just the drag of the mouse to get to higher platforms, collect things, create traps for enemies, create staircases, etc. Journey across over five vibrantly themed locations in the land of Helxlia, encounter enemies and creatures found no where else, and use magic in a completely new way.

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Do i need to sy more

this game is retarted

its like stupid you punch stuff thats all omg this soks

Needs work

A perfectly good game dragged down by ugly graphics, uncountable glitches, and stale, repetitive music that never changes. Tune it up is my suggestion.

Great Idea

You obviously have great artistic skills and I love the idea of manipulating the landscape. But you do need to work on the actual gameplay itself.

Also, I submitted a game very similar to your game about 45 minutes after you submitted your game. PM me sometime. we could make something together

I was disappointed...

And I'll tell you why. You made a lovely looking game with a very interesting unique play feature - elevating land, but a lot of the physics were messed up, found myself falling in holes I wasn't near, my head clung onto bits of land slowing my desent into abyss and the leaves, sticks and stones can be moved by attempting to walk off screen o_0 It had great cut sceens with an interesting story line, and as i said great visuals. The music was a little annoying though.

The game just seemed lop sided. I started, faced with 3 kinds of monsters that something is trying to tell me how to kill them but i don't have enough time to figure that out. There were these invincible bluebirds that beat the heck out of me until i put a block in their way and they prefer to flew into that, and the strong looking lizard things turn out to be suicidal and jump right in. Upon having enough and wondering on, I find they were pointless as the level is a metre across leading to a 'boss fight'. Before being outmatched by bog standard dneizens of the forest I now find myself to be a formidable fighting force as what should be stronger creature drop like flies as i hold my shift key and laughed. Picking up a life bag as there is no way to stop it dropping, i held it and laughed again as the boss dropped.

There was a great basis here for an amazing game, but I feel it fell short of what was expected, but I hope you take this and rebuff it making it better.

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2.21 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
7:23 PM EDT
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