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The Metaphor

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EDIT (1st June 2008): Thanks for all your lovely reviews and comments, I was in no way expecting the score to be as high as it is! I just had a look at it with a mate and realised that the audio was out of sync (Panic!) Ah well, all is well now (hopefully :S)

EDIT(Feb 2009): Well its almost been a year. I honestly can't believe looking back that my drawing was this terrible :P. I think I can honestly say I've grown a lot as both an animator and a developer. Maybe one day years from now I'll remake this.................nah!

It started out as a practise run on animating a car. But I just kept on adding to it. The other day I watched it play through and I had an idea for a "story". The idea was to make people think about life and how we reach a point where we grow up and start making our own futures.
At first I didn't really know what kind of object or event could represent this untill a couple of days ago when it hit me...Flash!

Unfortunately representing Flash as an object turned my metaphor of becoming mature into an advert for CS3 Flash (Even though I made this with Macromedia Flash 8) but I hope you can still see the message anyway.

"Life is like an endless drive, following the longest road
with no turns no choices,
just pot-holes

You keep trying to steer,
but the car won't turn,
won't listen,
The road dictates your path.

Then you see it, just lying there,
in your path,
in your life.

You put the brakes on,
You slow down,
You stop,
And you know a new time has come.

Time to stop following the road
Because now...You make it"

This is the first flash I have made in full and I wanted to see what everyone makes of it.

Music is by BlazingDragon, check out his stuff he rocks!

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It was good..

I loved the poem and blazing dragon if my favorite dude here on Newgrounds when it comes to music. but I'm a little confused about the box, what does fl mean?

It's really cool

I Liked it !! It's well animated, and also it's different from other content in Newgrounds.


That was like rfesh air man!! Cuz ua always see these funny, retared stuff on newgrounds(no offence), but this had meaning ua know?

Slim-Bean responds:

Cheers, I still feel elated when someone says something like this, thanks for the review!


it was pretty good

Slim-Bean responds:

Thanks mate!

Good Stuff

Nice wun shaun keep up the good work m8

Slim-Bean responds:

Cheers dude, see you soon