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I had to use a still camera but now I have a webcam and claymation studio because stopmotion pro was nice but to expencive.


I loved this.

Nice long and funny. The ending reminded me of clay world off the table.

Make more like this!

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More effort please

There were a couple of funny quirks in there, I like the face zoom you did at the beginning. Perhaps find different voice actors, your voice was a bit high pitched. I'm thinking you should focus more on the actual claymation rather than voices, music, and camera angles. Keep it up, I'm anxious to see what you come up with in the future.

I'm afraid it was simply terrible.

I didn't have a load screen so I wasn't even sure if it was loadinjavascript:submission_controlle r.GetReviewController().SaveReview();
Submit Review!g, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and waited. And there was no doubt that when loaded it was a waste of my time to wait. It's the basic squeeze to an approximate shape claymen, portrayed via pixelated view due to a cheap camera, with inaudiable buzzy sounding words to what seems to be a pointless, badly wrote script. Because it isn't really flash, only the best claymation should get into Newgrounds, and this does not fall close to that category I'm afraid. I'm sorry. You can have 2 stars for effort. I know how tedious claymotion can be.

theclaycasters responds:

Sorry, the file size would have been to big to put on here. It was just over the limit of 10 mb.

Good Effort

Nice claymation and I appreciate the time that it takes to do stop go animation.

My only critique is that when I hit what the movie there is no preloader just blank white space that sits there for a while. I was just about to conclude the flash was broken when your bluescreen with a user ID came up. I do not know if you put a preloader in or not but if you did it got borked.

Live action

Has to be flash dude.

theclaycasters responds:

Other people have claymations on here.

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2.58 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
6:27 PM EDT
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