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Fluidanims Shorts

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This my tribute to a brilliant site - Fluidanims.com I've realise only seven shorts out of fiveteen. Thanks to Zackie and Miccool. And, of course, FluidAnims. Hope you enjoy it. This my first submission.

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not very good

for the most part it just seemed like you attempted to copy toughlucks shorts. but you didnt pull it off well at all. it couldve been good. but i just found it boring. the tetris one just went too slow...it made me bored, im guessing youve seen 'gravity' by th1rte3n and you were trying to do something like it, but the difference is he made his very interesting and entertaining to watch, whilst i just found yours to be boring.

the movements of the sticks were poor, their running motions are pretty damn bad and the blood is awful...it doesnt look anything like blood. its more like pieces of shrapnel coming out the guys head.

im not saying all this stuff to get at you, im not doing it just to spite you, im doing it so maybe in future you can improve. but i can honestly say i didnt really enjoy any of it. although i have seen worse.

so to sum up. try and increase entertainment value.
you need to improve your motions...ESPECIALLY that run.
try and make your blood better. now, i know blood can be hard, i have trouble with blood myself. but just concentrate on making it look a bit more liquidy.

good luck in future i hope i somewhat helped, please dont take the review badly, im trying to help more than anything.


They were alright.. could do with better artwork or maybe some backgrounds