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This is my first flash submitted to Newgrounds. It's an anime/marvel style animation where i tried to emulate people reading comics. Took me 2 weeks of work including character sketch and plot. There will be more to come. It;s a bit short because i wanted to see how it will fare in Newgrounds.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

There's no replay button so it ends when the TO BE CONTINUE appears.



They say that as a general rule of thumb you should never post your first flash, but this is an exception to the rules.

Great first flash.

I was quite impressed with this being your first flash piece,i really loved the character design and layout of the whole flash and the song was very awesome as well,hope you make more like this in the future. =)

Hmm, not bad!

That was really good for a first submission. The music was pretty epic as well. I might come back and view more of your videos as you improve. :]

Not too bad

one thing i'd say you need to improve on was, try and use more Frame By Frame animation rather than tweens, it just makes it look a lot mor professional.

other than that it was a very well put together movie and the music fittet it perfectly..not entirely sure of the plot, but hopefully that will become clear in later sequels

good work


realy good

this is realy great for a first flash if this dosent get through then newgrounds has gne t the craper cause somethin realy bad got through just befor you that was realy sh** congratz on the good work i hopeit gets through i voted 5/5 and 9/10 well done

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3.18 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
8:38 AM EDT
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