Children of the Corn VIII

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Children of the Corn VIII: Issac's Sanctity.
This is a representation of the dialogue going through the minds of the human population in this day and age. It is the battle between the synaptic mind (represented by Dr. Fink the Friendly Mice) and Eckhart Tolle, who is consciousness/god/love (represented by himself). The human race is in a climactic battle between the two at this moment in time, with the egoic mind (mice) trying to defeat the universal consciousness that we are evolving into. The Eckhart states that the illusion of perception and ego will be demolished, and we shall live in harmony in a higher awareness.
Michael Keaton also represents the human character, or Issac's Sanctity.


oh Emily

youre animations are great but lets face it nuff said

That was a really really bad trip

Very scary, graphics weren't very good, but it kinda added to the fucked up feel of it

What the...

Well... I began to giggle and I don't know why.
This indeed is pointless bs, heh.
Ever tough of doing a horror film? No?
You're style would fit in something like that X)

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Actually that guy below me needs a doctor i think....

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I'm rifling through your flashes

It was a simpler flash than the Alfred pieecs, but just as when you listen to music you hear the musician's inner soul ... watching your flash gives one a sense of what goes on in your head. It's both disturbing and fascinating at the same time, like in a morbid-curiosity way. You seem like the type of person who probably would have gotten stuck taking prozac for ADHD, but some how you were lucky enough to evade the damn doctors who are trying to over-medicate today's youth.

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May 29, 2008
1:59 PM EDT
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