Escape The Future

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We have created a point and click adventure puzzle game, set in the future, you have to solve the puzzles to get back to the present. Using a combination of flash, 3D Graphics and sound, It will hopefully produce an emmersive challenging experience.

Hope you enjoy it, please leave any feedback you have, it will be much appreciated! :)

We will have more games to view in our portfolio at arelle-design.com

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no its not

not fixed yet cos the rock still magically appeared on the shelf! dun really like the graphic and game play.

russ21282 responds:

The magic rocks now fixed!

It's good, but it could be great...

The problem where items become stuck on top of each other in the lower left hand corner instead of returning to the inventory slots is really the only thing holding this game back. There were several times I had to restart the game when one key covered another key, making it impossible to get to it, and I still haven't managed to completely solve the game because of this problem. Also, some of the keys seemed to not work though I'm not sure if this was because of my not using them right, or a glitch.

The graphics however are really nice and clean, and the sound effects are good and not overdone. Also the things you have to do are not to obscure like some point & click games which doesn't make trying to solving it too frustrating.

If the rather major glitch with the items was fixed, I'd be able to rate this much higher as this is quite a good game. But as it is, I rate 6

russ21282 responds:

Thanks for your comments, The items should slot back into the their positions in the inventory if they are placed in the correct place. I'll have a look at the glitch and re-upload! :)

its a kinda hard

i figured out that u break the windo with the rock but i dont know wat to do with the y key

didnt seem to work?

i couldnt seem to make anything work.

your website appears to not work, maybe its because i'm using mozilla firefox.


i found the key, and tried to use it on the keyhole places that i found, but i couldnt make it work. i dont know if this is because i am an idiot, or because of some glitch.

also, when you have an item in your "hand" (the bottom left of the screen), it seems impossible to get to another item. for example, i accidentally equiped both the rock and the key, and then i couldnt get the key. the rock automatically was the first thing that i grabbed, and i couldnt put it back in inventory.

the graphics are good though, and if these glitches, if they are glitches, are fixed, then it seems like it will be a good game.

unfixed, 3 stars, fixed, 7 or 8 or so. average, 6.

russ21282 responds:

Thanks for your comments zooftra, the inventory glitch is now fixed but the keys work, you just have to use them correctly (don't want to give too much away!) :)


All I wanted to say has already been said.

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

May 28, 2008
8:38 PM EDT
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