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Plop Plop Lite

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Tamugaia and Armor Games present Plop Plop Lite!

Absorb 4 or more plops of the same color... As Plops above those ones drop after the absorption, they absorb too, giving you a chain combo!

You can do lots of chain combos to charge up your multiplier bar and get lots of extra points! Or you can build up a huge collection of plops and then absorb them all at once.

--- --- --- Some Notes --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
This game is like Fallout? Well, Plop Plop Lite may seem to look like Fallout just because it uses the multiple colors thingy but the gameplay is totally different, but most people tend to judge a game by its cover... just playing it a bit or not playing at all ... I understand... LOL

I can see that there are some good players who see the difference though. Thanks for your support! Thanks even to the hard critics!

To ensure all Plop Plop Lite players get a fair chance, I am constantly checking the highscores and deleting hackers if they manage to breakthrough the security. If you do not manage to rank in the top 100, you can still hit the daily scores, so see you on the Leaderboard!
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

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Nice looking, but...

Hey Josh, I am a huge fan of puzzle games, but I came across some problems with this one. First off I would want to commend you on your efforts on this game, the graphics are clean and the interface is smooth...real bubbly. The major problem with the game, as stated by other reviewers are the controls. They are very awkward. I may have been easier to implement the arrow keys or aswd (left, down, change comination, right). The game shows some slowdown while you are absorbing also, almost like a pause in the game. A few times my 'plops' weren't being absorbed *yeah, I know it sounds funny* due to the (sometimes) unresponsive controls, which also affected the direction of 'plop' movement. All in all, the game was a good effort, but a little too plain Jane in terms of sound effects and visuals that make will want a gamer to replay it over and over again. Yes, one can say that even Tetris didn't have a fantastic soundtrack...but it had unbelievable gameplay. I hope this helps you along the way to making a great game.