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Ness' Last Hope

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Author Comments

The Award Winning Ness' Last Hope-A Runner Up in the PK-Tubin' Youtube Contest.

Anyways, this was probably the only entry put into a negetive light, as well as my first movie in a negetive light.

Also, please recommend this flash for the Earthbound collection.

Now, to answer some maybe asked questions:

"Why do the first and second parts look diffrent?"
Well, the first part was simplistic in art, like nintendo. so I used the style of "Tom Fulp Saves the Day" there, and my normal style in the second part.

"What's that sad song that plays?"
Steel Samurai's Ballad. It plays when anything related to Adrian Andrews happens in the Phoenix Wright games.

"Why that song in the Credits?"
Tombobblender entered with this melody to win PK Tubin', so I salute him.

Any other questions, just ask and I will answer.

Anyways, enjoy the Award Winning Flash!

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earthbound is a game which is really awsome, still wondering if its on the switch or not

You know that there is earthbound in Wii u... right?

PinClock responds:

This was made before that.

yes earthbound is awsome kinghammer

Do You Hate Or Love Earthbound? This Is Sparta!

Poor him :(