random tutorial for noobs

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random tut explaining buttons cars and a game
the ball in the bottom right corner is interactive and can be clicked to make it bounce
please dont give it a bad score if you already know how to do every thing i have described


Good, But.....

It's a nice tutorial, but the car stops when your turning left
but when going right it continous in a foward motio, other than that good

Cool tutorial

I liked the bouncy ball. And the clock function was interesting. But think it would be useful to explain how to drive the car and maybe the actionscript for the clock and ball.

And Byclon, this isn't a game, it's a tutorial. The title clearly stats that. And so does the "game" when it is opened.

mrkewl responds:

u can only choose game/interactive or movie so because its interactive i chose game/interactive

Nice tutorial

I liked it, and I liked the bouncy ball XD it was entertaining. But they only thing I didn't liked is that you didn't explained the AS. Those action scripts are simple and you should explain them. That's all ^_^

mrkewl responds:

i did explain the 'drag' code but point taken

wow, not good. :(

Ok first of all, plz dont put down "please dont give it a bad score" I know ur trying to help out noobs and all but i was disapointed when i couldn't understand half of it. AND FOR ANY1 READING THIS DONT USE F KEYS IN GAMES SOME KEYBOARS DONT HAVE USABLE F KEYS!! But you tried and i gave u a 3, try harder man. :(

mrkewl responds:

i only sed dont give a bad score if u already know it but if u stiil think its crap say it. thats wot i ment sry


the sounds really hurt my ears when you click buttons.
make it softer and pleasenter
i like the ball :)
this is kinda useful for people :)

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May 26, 2008
3:38 PM EDT
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