Saint's Aura Collection

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Reasons For Deletion And Resubmitting On Different Account:

Put It On The Right Account, Double Protection Points For All And Thats Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.


Credited To Silverwing, Alfie Steelknuckles & SteelknucklesAlt

A Complete Collection Of Over 100 Photographs all re-done created mixed etc. by Alfie, Silverwing Steelknuckles and a few other people and accounts pitche din to make this reality.

EDIT: A Lot Of Time And Effort Went Into The Pictures (9 Weeks) And The Flash (36 Hours)

This Is My First EVER Flash So Please Don't Blam It Or Say It's Crap Or Post Useless Stuff As A Review, I Really Couldn't Care Less, A Total Of 9 Weeks 1 Day And 12 Hours Were Spent Creating The Images And Flash, In 1. I'd Be Really Happy If I Made The Front Page Or Got Any Kind Of Trophy, I Thank Most Of Newgrounds For Not Blamming My 1st Ever Flash Or Submitting Useless Low Rated Reviews & Keep 0ing The Flash Just To See Some Others Work And 1st EVER Flash Die.

EDIT2: Newgrounders Please Do Keep Voting And A BIG PLEASE For Reviews And We Would Love To Hear Comments Thoughts Suggestions Improvements ETC. To Do So Please PM Silverwingteam (Is In Authours List) Or E-mail Steelknuckles at luke.kaspersky.expert@goo glemail.com or even on our website!: http://s1.zetaboards.com/

EDIT3: ADDED MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT4: Added Ectra Link On Contents/Index Page Because I Accedentaly Missed It, I Don't Think I Forgot Anything Else But Please Tell Me If I Did.

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Helpful to let people see what rank they will be next, and it seems that it took maybe a little too long to make(9 weeks O_O). Nontheless, i can see some effort. Good job.

Silverwingteam responds:

When You Have To Zoom In At Every Pixel, Remove The Picture From It Then Make An Aura Background Then Apply the Image To The Aura In The Right Proportion Position ETC. It's Not As Simple As You Think But Thanks For The High Scored Review And A Good Explanation Of It.


It's a good reference made with flash.

Youu can usu that for anotherthing.

Good work.

Silverwingteam responds:

Thank You, It Feels So Good To Finally Recieve Positive Review On My First Ever Flash Production.

even though its pointless... its well made

1. Ok i know theres already pages to see where the badges and stuff are and what they look like
2. i think theres 4 bots?..
3. the first few pages were pointless.
3.a maybe could use music?
4. it seems well made and thought out, and for people who havent seen all the pictures i guess its interesting so i cant fault that

Silverwingteam responds:

Thank you for your review, i added music butythen it kept crashing so i took it out and i dont blame your score but out of intrested in the 0-5 scale what did you vote?

Managed To Fix BUG ---- MUSIC ADDED BUG GONE!!


we don't need this, we already have http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/levels and http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/badge_l ist.html

so there's no point in this really

Silverwingteam responds:

It's about Alfie's Work Which Is Not There You Just Couldn't Care Less About Others Work

Sorry... nothing.

Newgrounds has already got something like this... but more elaborate.

Also, yours was kind of dull, and if there's music, it didn't work.

Silverwingteam responds:

It's about Alfie's Work Which Is Not There You Just Couldn't Care Less About Others Work

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1.90 / 5.00

May 26, 2008
9:27 AM EDT
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