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Rude Song

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A guy raps about sex to his girlfriend.

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This was the first thing I ever saw of yours, still a fuckin classsssssic

no lies

if this was freestyled, then it truly is pro


lol i have seen afew of your submissions now and this one stood out. its still fucking sick though


I love this!!! Nice song dude. Funny man! It's cool and sick at the same time!

God Job


Not because I liked it but because it met with all the criteria that I need in a Good Flash. The Animation was your own and it was smooth even if it was crudely drawn and the Audio was You (Well we have to take your word for it anyway) and it was also recorded well without a lot of hissing and Poping so I had to give you a good score.

Maybe a little more work on the Drawing and maybe some better subject matter and I would have suggested it for a collection but for now I am gunna say just keep working and get better.


JunkYardAnimations responds:

thanks man, i appreciate the review. u should check out some of my other cartoons similar to this one..... 'Dirty Dick", "Dirty Cunt", and "STD's"