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Monkey Island DC

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If you've never played the Secret of Monkey Island, maybe you should kill yourself right now, cause this is the funniest game ever made. If you HAVE played it: remember those three trials you went through to become a pirate? Well there was one more...

Update, 2/25/02: Changed the start screen into a pre-loader.
Since a lot of people asked: I got the game sprites just by running Monkey Island PC version on an old P166, took PrintScreens and got characters like that. Text was pieced together from game dialogue.

Update, 6/02/04: Taking a look at it now, this thing is damn crude and a little juvenile. Hey, it's practically my first Flash movie ever. Whatever your feelings are on this clip, you might want to also check out my movie Monkey Island 2: Outtakes, which is less crude in humor and better in design. Uh, also, don't hold your breath expecting "Loom: Bobbin's Revenge". That was just an old, rough idea that I had and probably wouldn't work out.

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wow, 2002?
long time

i alays played this on my pc back then and still was fun, but the sad thing is i dont have my old pc i got a upterdate pc so monkey island wont work. D: but still it brough back memorys for that 5/5

:D :D "D

:D :D ;D


You know this was uploaded over 9 years ago right? I will admit that yes, the joke is very basic. however, at the time this was made, I am surprised that he kept the same color of the fonts and the same style without overriding it with some terrible edits.

Crappy Spoof

I have two points to make:

1) Tim Schaffer's Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle is the funnest game ever, not the Secret of Monkey Island, although it is, still, very funny.

2) This clip sucked. It was really short, appeared to have little to no effort involved in making it, wasn't very funny, and stands as a disgrace to the Monkey Island name.

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3.88 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2002
9:58 AM EST