NONSENSE( Contractkiller)

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Author Comments

Hey newgrounds. this is the 4th short film from me. this one started out as a practice thingy but then it turned out pretty good . the film is called nonsense but i couldn't use the title because someone else took it so sorry about that. this is also my first fbf film. i am currently working on a better one and its almost done. this film was way longer but i cut it short because the other part didn't make any sense. always helpful comments are welcome and constructive criticism please. oH and forgot i didnt add backrounds to some scenes because i thought it cooler without them.

and i am hopeing this film at least gets a score of 3.00 LOL . enjoy!

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Pretty cool... just one thing...

Pretty damn random :P
Good for real people! I am hopeless with real ppl, i only animate sticks!
I just dont get how a guy with a cape just drops off a house and doesnt even flinch
(PS, add some back grounds)
Good luck with further anims

legendaryshiled responds:

thanks man will do =P

pretty sweet brent!

Keep it up!

legendaryshiled responds:

i will LOl thanks for the review man


Nice. Much better than the other movies. Keeeeeeep up your good work...

legendaryshiled responds:

thanks dude. more flash coming=)

sweet job

this was pretty cool. i would of added backrounds though.

legendaryshiled responds:

thanks man!


It's obvious you worked hard on this, so I won't just blam it and say it's crap.

Try improving your walk cycles and backgrounds, that'll make the movie easier to watch. Going from inside a house to all white = bad. And it felt like the two dudes in the fight-scene were letting each other take turns. Also, in the sniper scene, where the dude has the speech bubble saying "watch out, he has a gun!", the speech bubble was redundant, we can see the gun. Also, the noise you recorded for when the bullet hits him is...hysterical. Which you don't want. There's plenty of free sounds on the internet, I'm sure you could find something to replace it.

On the upside, when Sarough shot the blond guy in the head, that little spot was terrific.

^^ Not trying to be too hard, hope you improve with your animation.

legendaryshiled responds:

thanks LOl this is the best review i ever got. this was just a earlier project i worked on and i dint really expect it to do to well but oh well. my next one will be better i promise you that. and thanks a lot for the review man.

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

May 25, 2008
12:03 AM EDT
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