CatFat Episode 1

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EDIT EDIT: i changed it BACK to episode 1 because..well..MEH! (it's still only an intro though ;)
EDIT: i changed the title to 0 so now this is officially only an intro ;)

Getting to know CatFat

Run time approx: 6:45
Frames approx: 7200
Frame rate: 18

sooooo, i was so laid back with this animation that it spanned months, which is now evident in both the visual AND audio quality....

I've been wanting to make CatFat animated for years now, it all started over 4 years ago with a comic that i distributed (successfully) in school.
I'm not too happy with this first one, but it's technically not an episode, think of it more as episode 0, it's more of an introduction into the series, just introducing the characters in a more personal way. Please please PLEASE watch it all before voting or reviewing, it does get better towards the end ;)
I had loads of syncing problems as usual and RubberNinja was kind enough to lend me a hand aswell as Nathan Viney who helped clarrify everything in the last days, so thanks soooooo much guys!!!
Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy my efforts! ^.^
Also thanks to Sentinel94 for making that great music, i hope you don't mind me using it ^_^

BTW, blame Simma-T for it taking so long, always talking to me...tut tut

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5 / 5
Excelent movie.
Waiting for more of this.
Awesome accent in there.
Keep it up!

Ha ha, it's funny that thin is pronounced like fin with a British accent.

THiz iz a headline. That izall.

The originality of the characters and how they are drawn is a straight 10

and I also like the story that is and can evolve from this (and yes it got better at the end), but It could run a little bit smoother.
But also the voice quality is a bit ..."fzfzfzfzfratsparklesparklefrat" ......zhitty (I have no word for it but you know what I mean xD) Even thou the voices fits perfectly with ze characters.
My favourite - CatFat. Cause of his name but mostly cause of his lazy frenchaccent that fits perfectly with being a lazy douchbag cat (the stereotypical i.r.l cat no?^^) with only a pair of drawers on him. You made me watch it 3 times so this is definatly worth coltinuing on xD

One minor question: Is Miss Fin (or how she spelled it) dressed only with 2 towels (which I could understand perfectly plotlike why) or is it a weird hat and a weird dress? I cant really make up my mind.... my guess would be towels.

CatFat responds:

haha 3 times really?!
eh yeah i think i know what you mean about the voices, i'll make sure to improve that area in the future ^_^
umm miss fin is tricky, i could never really find a good design for her, it's supposed to be some kind of top and skirt, but yeah i'll try and work on some sort of one piece for her, it's very unclear.

Very Nice

As a series of quite epic proportions i cannot deny just how great i think it will be, there are things that i beleive could be better but as we all know this is all in the past anyway. Still the character of Mr.Thin is very much so a poor soul

And all the other characters seem to string together as personal family amidst themselves

Catfat himself seems to be alittle off in my book even for a character, i cannot realyl put my finger on him even after watching this repeatedly, still i can recognise good work when i see it and i hope that more is on the way.

P.S. The 8 is really just to allow for a few things to be known, the characters at this point seem to lack intrege, they are all quite cut and blank which does not do very well for the show (its not bad or good its just somthing that can limit the show itself which ultimatly hurts your creativity)

for a quick and painless explination lets say Spongebobsquarepants
As far as the show has gotten in these few years that it has been on it has continually allowed the characters to be like jellyfish, there is no set retoric that is except for squidward, but all other characters lack that kind of full definition which allows them to shift at times, sometiems spongebob will be an idiot or an aggressor, or an innocent, or even a protagonist being pushed apon by the actions of others or even the one to push their actions on others, patrick? well hes very much so limited to being either an idiot, supporting innocent, or somone pushing other character with their actions. Within this loosness there lives a plethera of oportunites for the characters to actually stay in character whithout having to stick to a set line of retoric

My only issue with this is that you seemed to push to hard for mr.thin to be a pushed apon innocent, catfat to be a idiot agressor, and turtle to be a skit (character that lacks any actual personality and lives off of their actions toward others alone)

still i really am interested to see how the show will continue on and i hope that you if you have not already learned of these thigns take my sugggestions into account, if you dont i dont really care since the set up you have right now isstill pretty good

CatFat responds:

I do care, i love to have constructive criticism like this, it can show me ways of improving that i had never thought of before!
I think the problem with this episode is that the whole thing is too rigid and not spontaneous enough. Personally i have a particular aversion to this animation. I plan on making a faster paced CatFat animation soon.

ok Shaun...

it was brilliant

CatFat responds:

that was brief
Thanks mate!! ;)

Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

May 24, 2008
5:44 PM EDT