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EDIT: The First part is out!!! the url for it is http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/460256

Hello people! this is my first animation. It took me a good 5 hours to work this out starting from the idea. I am trying my best to finish the full movie. it will have to be split in to parts because the size limit isnt enough >.> If you like what you see, then wait a small while or pm me and i will tell you when the full movie comes out. Please Review, i really appriciate your feedback and it is more important to me so i know what i need to fix up.


Looks kinda cool actually...

Not sure where ur goin with the story but i guess ill have to wait for the movie... a couple suggestions, the animation was slow, WAY too slow and they all fired at the same time, kinda annoying, if u could get them to fire a little more at random thatd be good. I liked the sound effects, dunno if theyre from metal slug or what but w/e.

I know your on a size restraint so my suggestion would be to do a kickass job and release it in parts rather than have to deal with size constraints and make your movie suffer. Good luck mate.

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30001 responds:

ok ok. i get that much but thanx! either way my movie basically has a plot that zombies attack and takeover. basically resident evil style sept way cooler. plus i put the mcs in at the same time so they automatic like that. its a pain to just to it like at random. but hey! you never know. Also none of the sfx were from metal slug, i got them all from flash kit in the sound effects,Mayhem category (sfx leads to mayhem). i find it good to use whatever resources i can find, the only problem is that i cant never find the big explosion from metal slug.


not bad

30001 responds:



kinda cheesy

30001 responds:

Thats just not right...

It REALLY needs work.

You need to mix up the sprites you have. When you only have two differnt sets of sprites but the group is huge, you need to diversify. Maybe make some of you own to also help with the scene. It didn't even look like a party but more like a boring stuffed shirt ball with "clone" family's on each side.

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30001 responds:

well the thing here is that i just put in the basic sprites. the full movie already has 4 sets of soldiers. that includes marco, trevor and tarma. btw look at what is wrong with my last sentence for a surprise in the movie.

Good concept but...

good flash and it flows but dont send in unfinished projects.


30001 responds:

this isnt the unfinished. its a trailer. so basically im just putting somthing on to help people see that they can expect from a first timer. either way its a work in progress(kind of). thanx anyways!

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May 23, 2008
10:38 PM EDT
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