Tactical Assassin 2

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Be an assassin in this stick shooter with a total of 9 missions and a variety of weapons / attachments.
Instructions are found within, and be sure to read the briefings to find out how to complete your mission!


**Mission 9 : I appologize to everyone who had experienced the problem of not being able to shoot. I didn't catch this glitch upon testing, but now it should be good and fixed. If there is any other problems be sure to give me a shout! Thank you all

Mission 9 : When you can't shoot during the animation it's because you distracted the guards and the animation will play to complete the mission, its meant to have your firing disabled.


Firstly, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH to every word of praise and support from everyone! The please for Tactical Assassin 2 really strove me to complete this project. This has been a looong process, which I apologize for, mainly due to lack of motivation. I have had a bunch of other things come up in the game of life, and creating a flash game was low on the list, but I finally finished, and am so proud of being able to submit it for the fans!

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Fun game, last sniper doesn't seem to work at all however. No shots seem to hit with that thing.

the aim is so finicky ill be aiming and it will like glitch move slightly that was fuuuuun wasting
ammo on the doctor

Decent game

Well this was a decent game you have here I like the idea of this game and there seems to be some fun activities about it a nice style and overall good fun you even won some awards on this game so nice job indeed I like that this won some nice and shiny awards for it's efforts

Not really anything it was pretty slick


A good sequel. New additions like a store and more realistic handling of the rifle make things fresh and interesting. There are some bugs that kinda make certain missions needlessly hard though. Some shots don't register even though the dot was clearly over their head.

Awesome game. The art and death animations look great, and the gameplay is good. There's a lot of the classic stick sniper game puzzles but it never gets too hard and you have to pay attention to details. However, mission 9 is unbeatable because nothing wants to actually get shot.

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4.29 / 5.00

May 19, 2008
5:50 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person