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Shoot from port to port as fast as you can to meet or beat par times. This is the second TBA game, aptly named TBA++ or TBA 2 as you prefer. There are 5 worlds to explore in this version, 50 levels total and 30 achievements to collect. If you become mindlessly addicted to this game there are 6 extra levels over at Armor Games if you need that fix.

This version of TBA was always meant to be swifter, faster, and stronger. It's been recoded from the ground up, making it much faster than the original. I wanted to deliver the experience of speed and puzzle gaming with a simple means of playing... you only use the space bar to play and it requires no other keys to enjoy it. I hope you have fun with it.

Developed by Armor Games, Programmed/Arted by jmtb02
Music by FikreesProjects
Testing by Coily and Mx781

Controls: Space to move, P to pause, most other options through Right-Click

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So, I found a hard-to-trigger glitch on Level 15.

If you charge the chargeable port about 75% full, you'll get the star, but you won't hit any other ports or walls, so you'll wind up coasting off to the right indefinitely, forcing you to restart the level. Also breaks the background after about 10 seconds.

another fun game

Well here we have another fun game by armour games, Seems like one of those kinds of games that you can ad some medals or something, but overall this was fun and entertaining can be hard at times.

Adding medals to a game like this would be a huge plus.


Great way to emphasize a feature.

It reminds me of using the moving barrels in Donkey Kong Country. Using clean graphics, nice music, and a feeling of challenge was a great way to expand that into a game of its own! Great job!


My Spacebar is jammed!

The egg says:

The easter egg said to remember 33820...