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A demo of a game that I eventually abandoned due to time issues. It's hard to get this sort of thing to 'feel' right.

You need to build the bridge to get the creatures to the other side. Build the bridge and press T to test it. Press escape to go back to building it.

The bits the creature can walk along are build along the green line.

Click on pieces to delete them (as long as you aren't able to place a piece there). Click on anchor points and press delete to delete those.

Your bridge needs to be made out of triangles to be effective. Otherwise it will just break. Use the orange fixed anchor points to support your bridge.

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i loved this game =)
i also love the game brige builder^^ i think this was inspiered by that^^

i really hope u make a hole game...

u should be able 2 scroll with the arrowkeys...
or make the screen bigger...

and a free-play level would be nice...

(sry 4 da bad english)

peaCe - orken


Please develop (levels upgrades etc.) then front page I reckon! This would keep me entertained for hours!

lol yay

i beat it

i love games like this!

what a great game! =)
Could do with being able to scroll without useing them arrows mind you


I built a bridge

This game woks, I'll give you credit for that. managed to build a bridge. So, here's my analysis:

+Shows which wooded beams have more stress on them than others
+potential for a sequal.

-no reset button :(
-gameplay lacking
-money too limiting, only one possible bridge.

Suggestions for improvement:
-give joints more tensile strength. In real life, wooden beamsshould be able to (barely) hold their own.
-add a side menu in the game, where you can select the choice for adding new joints.
-instead of having floating anchors, have firm grounded anchors, which you can place on the ground. These will create potential to have better bridges, such as a bridge with a tower in the middle, holding the bridge up.
-add multiple materials (e.g. ropes, wooden beams, steel beams, cables, etc.), add more joint choices as well.)

i hope my review was helpful.

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2.91 / 5.00

May 19, 2008
9:22 AM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set