Cloggers Adventure Ep. 3

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Hello, Newgrounds.

This is the third installment in a new flash saga that I am creating starring Clogger, a unique being that this world rarely sees.

Today, Clogger is departing from the tour and setting out to head west.

Tell me what you think of him!

Also: Epileptics GTFO.


I'm gonna be honest..

I'm gonna be honest and tell you what I think: This is the worst piece of shit I've ever seen in my life. Sorry, good luck in the future making new flashes...

The word of the day is

Malicious. it actually managed to startle me, and yypes, this is dangerous for those with epilepsy, though they arent really allowed to look at any on monitor, including TV. still, it was pointless other than to aggrivate the viewer. this isnt even the type of thing to send to ur friends or show ur siblings for shits and giggles. i wanted to end by tell u to ram a coke can up ur ass, but i'll just say, have a nice day.

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Grumio responds:

"Malicious" implies that it either spawned pop-ups/virus or was harmful in the effect of a lie.

It does neither, as I say nowhere that a big flashing light doesn't come up. Nore does it spawn pop-ups, so open up a dictionary and GTFO.

"Also: Epileptics GTFO."

"Your" is spelled "your" not "ur", newfag.

What a creative end to a review.


Realy nice work...

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Grumio responds:

Thunx yo.

You dumbass

Some people have epilepsy. i dont know how to spell it but.... yeah. This is DANGEROUS.

Grumio responds:

"Also: Epileptics GTFO."

What the?

At the start i was totally confused on what the story was about and then that F you pop up i think was malicious. So i give it no stars because i think this should be blammed.

Seriously unsuitable and malicious should not be on newgrounds.

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Grumio responds:

Someone doesn't know the definition of "malicious".

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1.83 / 5.00

May 18, 2008
10:19 PM EDT
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