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A Part

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Warning: Serious, experimental short ahead. So if you're not into this kind of stuff, just skip it.

A story about the jigsaw that is life.

Special thanks to Mr. Trent Reznor for releasing the album Ghosts I-IV under the creative commons.

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I really liked how this experimental, it was serious, because there are very few times that in the animations of the experimental category, they usually have a history or some specific seriousness, this being one of the few times, since the rest are only experimental without history or nothing And well, this one if I liked how you combined it, and also it should be noted how I like that the robots are floating in the middle of nowhere, that their only missing piece was a puzzle!!!


Absolutely beautiful. I may have only just joined Newgrounds but that doesn't mean my oppinion doesn't count. I want to be an animator and I am currently looking through people's work for ideas, and inspiration.
My friend, I just found the inspiration.


Dim lights for best experience :)

its a morale of life

it will happen like david said but i would like to add more to it also life will throw things at yuo good and bad like maybe findong the one you love but then (this has happned to one of my frineds) the one yuo love will jst dump yuo for someone else well for yuo probly it will make yuo commit suicide take all the things the wrong way drink murder etc. but also good thisgs will ahpppen yuo need to try to get throughth with the bad thigs and good things will coem eventuly until a year ago my life was horrible but now i have a good life yuo jsut need to go through th bad things no matter how much yuo want to kill yuor self or go emo i almost fell prey to that but yuo jsut haft to move on try to get through trust me it will get better any ways liked it the music was spot on with the flash rember alwys go througth with the bad and good will coem your way and if it doesnt still go through it will eventully it might take days weeks months years yuo jsut to get through and hope for the best ~reaper910

I understand.

I get what u were trying to say, And i Will elaborate in my point of view for those who do not understand. In relationships you feel tethered to the other person in ways you cant explain, but if there is tensions, the relations end and you may take a piece of each other. Most meet new people and move on ,but for some not so much. They rely on binge drinking, dark poetry, some may become gothic, and you never feel that part that was taken is filled.Then they may commit suicide or murder. I like the flash and i feel the graphics are good and the music was a spot on match for me keep up the good work, ~ David246