A Pleasant Day.

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Kinda lost interest in animation.. I'm only getting worse!

Edit: The good reviews was very unexpected, thanks!

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I laghted really hard on this...
I knew something was going to happen by the title but I didn't see the shoot scene coming... and in my opinion it could just end there :P
Anyway, the "Thought Process" (to the guy that didn't get it) or just the story line is:
She is crazy.
She wants to eat a d***.
She kills a man.
She eats his d***.
She feels happy.

One more thing:
You can't be getting worse, this is a really fun animation, and the drawning is good, just like the music choise ;)


am i the only one that thought that was fucked up i mean the girl chopped off the guys dick after she killed him and then ate his fucking cock and then replaced it with bread dude u r mentally fucked up but it funny at the same time


This made me laugh...a lot. the animation was good, and way better than what I expected :) Keep up the great work (the music was awesome, too....nice selection!)

That was awesome!

Don't give up, mang. This was fucking excellent, seems a lot like something electric retard would do (still it's very damn original), props to you!

What's the thought process?

Ok, animations... a bit on the odd side tho, and more than a little pointless...
The randomness of it points to the fact that it wasn't thought out properly and a lack of decent concepts by the author.