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Play against a friend and see who can collect the coins the quickest in Multiplayer,
or see how long you can survive against a screen of enemies in Survival!

Just a quick game i made after my friend (Mrty) told me he spent ages trying to make a similar game!
I told him i'd make an even better version in just a few hours (it took me about 4 hours to complete)!
I co-authored him anyway since it was his idea.

1 review and a load of 0s i guess...
does it really suck that much?

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Quite tricky

Despite the fact that the opposing circles are moving in a relative pattern, you need a good deal of skill to avoid them for very long.

I think that you need to break it down into levels (If you have and I haven't managed to exploit that feature, you have my apologies), where you get different patterns of moving items - not necessarily circles, as it shouldn't just be that to perplex people.

The other thing is that the graphics aren't too spectacular, but they need to be spruced up a little to add something to any future productions that you make.

I'd also suggest a little music, as it's quite a boring little affair without that at present.

Boring on the lack of music front, but very skillfull in the gameplay stakes.

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You completed this in only 4 hours, which is quite quick I guess. Sadly, it shows that this game was kinda rushed.

The colors don't really work that well together, so it all looks quite ugly and not very "eye friendly".

Also, the game doesn't have any kind of replay value. The health bar is a nice addition to the game and quite original in the "avoider genre", I guess. But I really miss some power ups or different level layouts.

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Animation/Graphics - I really didn't personally enjoy the graphics too much. While there wasn't too much wrong in the sense of neatness or anything, but at the same time it was really really boring looking itself. Boring colors and boring shapes. The same old same old. This needs something to brighten it up. Some exciting colors, backgrounds, shapes, etc.. It's really just too simple and overused graphics.

Story - The game was nice, in fact it's actually fun with two people, but with one person it's really boring. It's fun that you had a survival mode, but maybe you need to add more to the survival mode. Like awards for reaching a certain amount of time, etc.. The two player system was kind of fun though. I give you props on that one.

Audio - The audio was a nice selection. Good job on that. I think the only thing that could make it any better in this case would maybe add some sound effects in when you win and/or don't reach a goal in the survival mode. ( I know you don't have goals in the survival mode, but it's also something I think would be pretty good to add) Something such as the crowd going, "Ahhhhhh mannn" or anything else related when you lost and vice versa have the crowd cheering when you won.

Overall, a game that could use a lot of improvement, but if you did work on it a bit then you could probably have a really decent game here. Also, authors response please. I put a lot of thought into this review. >.<


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A fairly nice game with good presentation...

A fairly fun yet a but repetetive game...A nice little time waster.
The only problem is that right from the start you are in the action, you could put a 3 second timer for people to get ready before you start the game..


too chaotic

there were too many things to dodge from the get go, that was the only majour drawback to this game, maybe start out with only one or two enemies in survival, the multiplayer aspect was fine in that respect, good concept keep at it

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3.60 / 5.00

May 18, 2008
5:26 AM EDT