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my first flash submission! :P
P.S.on the save sean you half to press save to continue.Just 4 fun!


why make a smiple animation

you could have made it more meaning full!

PenutFlash responds:

It's my first animation I stayed with, but after 2 days I got lazzy

Flash work

Try again until when you gonna be better

Not terrible.

It's okay. You had a simple plot, basic animation, and avoided being just spastic and stupid (which is a problem with alot of first submissions do). To make it better, add a loading screen, sound effects, backgrounds, some more animation, etc. Overall, just try to make it more complete. I don't think its portal qualitiy yet, but you don't have far to go.

(Also, it seemed like he magically had a bandana appear around his waist.)

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PenutFlash responds:

yeah he did.I changed my style day2

no point

the only good part was the art. the art was ok NOT THE BEST but ok

Good for a first

For a first it was still a little to short, and it had no background. The preloader was obviously just thrown together quickly, and I like how you actually had a replay/come to my site screen at the end.
The animation was good, not great, but good. Try some shading techniques.
With no background you should have added a drop down shadow (theres an effect in flash for it).
Don't use popular songs IMO and have voice acting.
That about sums it up. I can tell that you will be a good anime artist.

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PenutFlash responds:

yeah.not so good at animating yet(though not bad)
but I'm great at action scripting!

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1.79 / 5.00

May 17, 2008
11:32 PM EDT
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