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This is a short I made with the Art Club members at the junior high school I'm working at in Japan. The students wrote the story and script, and did all the illustrations and colorisations. I just animated it, having taught them the process and directing them a bit.

We screened this at the school's Culture Festival last year, and it was also featured at the Kobe City Schools' Art Festival, being shown at the Hyogo Municipal Art Museum.

It's kind of a big file, as it was initially created for screening, not downloading, but it's also reasonably long, which makes up for the filesize a bit.

We'll be making another one of these this year. The Art Club members have already started on the script.


Pretty good story...

I think it was a good story and well it did have a message but i think the message was only like..i don't know how say what i mean very well but it seemed like the message was half sent to the audience? That's the only way i can word it lol I'm too tired to think. I think it was because the girl was believing in herself way too quick for things she was doing...I mean just like that. She didn't really learn anything except believe in herself but i didn't she how she learnt all of this. it's like some parts or a lot of parts were missing or should be put in. Sorry if this dosent make sence lol but good work and keep it up!



the story was nice but: the japanese needs improvement
and the animation as well but overall it was good

kennsj responds:

"The Japanese needs improvement"? Apart from the talking statue of St. George, every voice in this thing was done by a native Japanese speaker. What an odd comment to make. Thanks for reviewing, all the same.


I thought it was cool that the video was in japanese. I was not expecting that. I also like how at the end the girl made the fairy that gave her confidence. SOmething that I found really interesting is when the inanimate objects stopped talking, they turned back into their inanimate form. Very well done.


i think it would make a great game


its ok if you live in a worl ware fairys and talking utensils are real. But on earth people just use drugs.

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3.70 / 5.00

May 17, 2008
9:45 PM EDT
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