Roshi's New talent

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Master roshi shows Goku and krillin his new talent, i was having problems with my flash player for a while so i didnt end up coloring the movie, so i posted it as a sketch, pretty sure some of my old fans will love this one.


Oh god...

This is deceptively good. If it were just colored decently (heck, even just filling in the characters with white would be great) and the drawings more refined, this thing would no doubt be on the front page. :D

Dbdowen responds:

haha thanks for the review, doesnt really matter if it gets front page or not, as long as i made a few people laugh and enjoy my videos thats all that really matters ^-^ i hate spending a large amount of time on a flash project i get distracted easily, so i just try and make them as fast i can haha

yess! my 5 moved it up to 2.51!

i was waiting for another one to come out. i have favorited some of your movies because they are so funny. master roshi rules! you can really give him a funny voice. too bad the artwork is only "sketchy".
if you'd like, you can send me an audio clip with good quality about master roshi and i will make a movie for it..check out my vids if you're interested!


Dbdowen responds:

Haha i will really concider your offer, i get so many buzzing hilarious ideas in my head involving roshi, funny guy that roshi fella ! If you want you could send me some ideas yourself , another thing is..movies dont stay in the top 50 as long as they used to anymore, so its hard to get lots of views haha if you want you could send my movie to friends to get some points :D




Well, that was uuuuuh . . . . . interesting.

Still good, though.

that was much better than expected.

t'was indeed.

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May 17, 2008
12:56 PM EDT
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