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IT'S UNFINISHED!!! (EDITED,I just noticed it said "UNFISHED".LOL! That sure is worth a mention)

Well,yeah...this WAS a collab someone started (EpicFail/Luke734t) and couldn't or didn't want to finish.I took over as the "leader" of it but I failed at it.

This was never finished and here I am uploading what was FULLY done to this date (I am not uploading the unfinished parts...mainly because I DON'T HAVE THEM).

You will find a cool menu design,a cool logo and 2 animations worth of around 1:00 - 1:30 minutes of random sprited violenced and cool music.

Thanks to 1337leader and Yeury for all the support and help during the whole time this nightmare (I really exagerated here...yes I did) lasted.
Thanks to EpicFail for starting this collab.I must admit,without you this wouldn't even exist (probably would be better,LOL)

Hope anyone of you find it atleast a bit interesting.Also,I made the menu and the animations.Yeury and 1337leader didn't finish their parts before this project sunk.Remember,tho,that this is my first time working with sprites,too.

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i want to help you!

yep i want to help ya.

Yep, its unfinished.

But i like,The Mario part is funny,KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!

Okay, but needs better dialogue

None of it made me laugh sadly. But it's a good base to work on when you consider it's 'unfinished'. Although a more accurate description of it's current state would probably be 'abandoned'. Do the hard yards and put some polish on your products.

Nice, just one thing.

Slugsprites.info stole those sprites from the Metal Slug Database. You ought to change the credits.

Good flash though, liked the effects.


one of the best sprite movies!

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May 17, 2008
1:07 AM EDT
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