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The Revolution

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I'm on the same sidewalk as you.

That's an interesting idea... destroying the gas tanks now. You should have no need to speed up the destruction of our society. But if you do, just litter, turn the heat in your house or burn straight gas. It'd be sad to hear if you ever acted upon your thrist for anarchy hurting others. As for the game... 4 out of 10. I was kind of hoping after that hella long dwnload for more than one lvl. Peac/ful apocaplyse.

djstaz0ne responds:

yeah, i guess i put too many songs in there...

it's not destruction i was going for tho, it's more along the likes of making people realize how dependent they are on these things... forcing them to change their approach towards our infrastructure..

Revolution, eh...?

I feel I should first touch on your intention for this game. As much as I believe that all views are valid, I still believe that some are just plain stupid and wrong and probably worse than the problem they are fixing. Yours is such an idea. That's your solution? Destroy our infrastructure? I'm sorry, but do you watch the news? That's what you do when you want to bring a nation to its knees, not when you want to improve. You're "plan" does not involve the concerned population at large, it only contains the ingredients for the agonizing demise of this nation, like what we do to our enemies. Try a plan that would actually uplift the people, not destroy their homes and wellbeings. I honestly hope you weren't serious.

And as for the game itself, it had no plot, bad graphics, and played like a crappy version of "Police Trainer," that old arcade game with the light-gun. In otherwords, it sucked. Big Time.

djstaz0ne responds:

putting people under pressure is the only way to get them to rethink the way they do business, and implement an effective strategy as fast as possible...

oil use must end..

the current aircraft technology we use should be banned..

and trucks, and above ground power lines should be removed from service...

without this, there can be no progress...

i bet due to the reviews i read

your game sucks.
but im not even going to play it. dear god you little editors comment pisses me off. you are the most retard shameless person i know honestly. 'Fuck all the soliders in Iraq'? who says that? do you even know where iraq is?
mind their own bussiness? they are soldiers,, they go were they our told to fight, if you want to hate on sombody hate on the president. or the terrorist who started the war in the first place. not the soldiers who are dying protecting assholes like you. They out their miles from home away from their wifes mothers and kids protecting you from Radical extremists who all want to destory all other religions and your sitting safde in your house making a flash game and basicly calling idoits? have you ever been to war? have you ever have a mortar go off five feet in front of? or watch your buddy get hit from sniper fire? my friends dad is dead my uncle is missing a leg, and you repay them by calling them fucking idoits? and the whole changing peoples countries. do you really think we should allow people who kill, starve and basic destory their own people to be in power? you are so uneducated about the world around you that i actually pitty you. i hope that you see how stupid and selish you sound. honestly. your bitch. and your music does suck.
my god have mercy on your soul.

djstaz0ne responds:

you should play the game prior to reviewing it..

in the US, you are not forced to join the millitary, so when people die or lose a leg, it's their own damn fault..

if it was forced, then yeah, i would feel sorry for them, and show sympathy..

it's their own choice to go fight, and they know that they might not make it out alive...

i don't think it's an honorable death, honestly... fighting to protect a country that doesnt give a shit about you...


if u wanted to send a message make a nice little video not a crappy game not worth playing:)

djstaz0ne responds:

you need to be more objective...

what dont you like about it?

how can it be improved?


For game and comments

So the game was pretty horrid, and deserved about 2-4 stars, though as soon as I read your comment responses I understood exactly what I would review this as. First off, the game had bad graphics, minimal plot, no game play value NO replay value, and bad music. The comments were blunt and tasteless, learn to respect fellow users if you desire to have a pleasurable newgrounds experience. I am NOT stating you are correct or incorrect in your comments, though the way they were put is the reason I dislike them. Also the game lacks the reason for a mature rating.

djstaz0ne responds:

i'm a hater, plain and simple...

thank you tho, for the only objective review... except for the word bad...

there is no such thing as bad music, just say you dont like the music..

anyway, that's pretty much the only kind of music i can tolerate..

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1.96 / 5.00

May 16, 2008
8:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person