The Ape Scale

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A couple things I'd like to point out before you watch this. First off this movie makes no sense at all.If you watch this and still have no ****ing what it's all about then my work here is done.If you actually got the meaning of the movie, then there must be some cosmic line-up in the sky because even I have no ****ing clue what the movie is about

The character you see in the movie, his name is Ape. Yes, Ape. He's a human with an I.Q. so low that if you reach the center of the earth you'd still have to keeping digging to find it. In everyone's skull is a little hamster that constantly spins the wheel and turning all the gears in your brain. If you took an X-Ray of Ape's skull you'd see a skeleton of a hamster and a rusted machine with battery acid spilled everywhere. Like this movie, Ape is random.

This is actually a remake of the same movie I did back in 2006 when my animation was terrible, well my animation IS still terrible but so what? The original crappy version back in 2006 is on my site.

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thumbs up

haha. thats funny. i love the character Ape. probably because i always see him on the white board in the band room :p

lol lol lol

this is so fucking funny

MAJORA64 responds:

Seriously? Cool!

Heheh entertaining

Heheh this was notbad, you used some good character designsm and lots of use of good color which i liked. seems like the audio was ok but maybe a better quality of it was needed, other then that i liked this flash.



MAJORA64 responds:

Classical? Cool! Yeah I just held the microphone up to the TV, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad way of doing things.

i liked it

Not bad, i like the whole space 2001 thing

MAJORA64 responds:

I love that movie a lot. You know I actually got the music "Thus Sparke Zarathustra" by putting the microphone up to the TV when the opening scene with the sun, moon and earth was going.

Very accurate!!!! 7-star

The art may be bad but it has my vote

MAJORA64 responds:

Everybody has to start somewhere don't they? Thanks.

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3.69 / 5.00

May 16, 2008
6:22 PM EDT
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