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Hi there! This is a teaser for my upcoming flash caled ''Ion''.Background music is from LiquidEvolution.The song that i downloaded is caled Last Night.I couldn`t find it in the lookup so i choose the most similarly named one.

PS:In case you can't hear the words, they are: ''My name is Ion. I am the top member of FBA and i need to kill a certain somebody....''.

Who is that somebody?Well you will find out...

This is what you could see when I relased my first teaser 20 days ago. (I am lazy as hell so keep this in mind when watching this). I did some work on this so I am releasing it again as some sort of a teaser. This way you can track how far I am to complete ''Ion''.


Well, what do we have here

I never got around to reviewing this for you, God. Sorry about that, anyway. The drawing is good, I'll give you that but there is alot that really brings this one down. For one, the FPS. The movie is just way to slow. The 2nd scene where he walk off the side-walk seemed like it would never end and the voiceclip at the beginning is muffled, you can't hear a word he says. It would be alright if you sped the whole thing up and made it more.. Krinkles like. As for the song, I'd delete it and use some other one. That was when I first uploaded it and it was basically 10% done.

P.S. To DarkFire5. They play trance on porn sites now?

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DestinyChild responds:

Well,thank you for this great review,i was away for some time now and now i am looking around for thing that have changed in newgrounds.


Just another rip-off of Krinkels... The failure is great in this one.

DestinyChild responds:

It is not like Krinkels...it is worse.


I like it. a bit slow but it was fairly good I meen hey I love those madness dudes

DestinyChild responds:

I love them too.


More sounds

Well notbad seen a few of these now and then, and the b/w style is nice, and they are kinda funny as for this one you should add some sounds, and possibly make it longer, anyways notbad work, hope to see more soon.

Needs more.


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DestinyChild responds:

I am glad you like it!I will make more and it will be beter,faster,stronger,longer!

Another one..

Another horrid ripp off of kringles... Oh boy...

DestinyChild responds:

I can live whit that. ;)

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2.09 / 5.00

May 16, 2008
3:23 PM EDT