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This is the Atomic Mayhem Teaser.
This is basically the opening for the flash video to come one day. Expect it to come around near the end of Summer or the beginning of Fall, maybe a bit later.

Atomic Mayhem is the story and idea for a Video Game I wish make a reality someday. It is my life goal to one day get this game produced and sold in stores like all other major video games. I'm not talking small time individual game makers who make games for free, put them on the internet, and get no profit, I mean working with a big gaming company and getting the game into the mainstream. I would really like that company to be CAPCOM above all else.
I do hope you will support the future game Atomic Mayhem, and the soon to come Flash that tells even more about it.

Feel free to ask questions and I will likely answer them.

This video should only be available from the accounts of MegamanMegafan & Shadowii2 on YouTube and Newgrounds.

Atomic Mayhem idea:

Animation by:

AP - The Forbidden

Voices by:

Atomic Mayhem (c) Jared Tetrault

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cool though

yeah i gotta admit it sounds just like fallout 3

MegamanMegafan responds:

Uhh... Things have really changed a lot since this was made.
Yes, the main protagonist is still in a suspended state for a hundred years, but now the reasoning I have put behind it is different now.

Note: I don't think there is going to be any more flash submitting done by me, but I may be working with an artist to release the character images in the Art Portal.


but, yah, I agree, it kind of sounds like Fallout 3. But really, that is pretty depressing.

MegamanMegafan responds:

yeah, but I've decided to change a lot of things since this flash was made.
Backstory is still mostly the same though.
When I re-write the story, I am going to give a different tone and perspective.

Its not even going to be called Atomic Mayhem anymore, I've already decided to change the name.

Sounds like Fallout 3.

The Story idea was good. One tester survived, and was sealed away for 100 years. You mentioned the Atomic Controllers possibly being better developed at a later time so it would make sense that they awoken him for that purpose, etc etc. I'm not exactly a fan of Atomic/Radioactive stuff but when it comes to Story you've got me hooked into wanting to watch this when its complete. The Art bothered me a bit, but its just a Teaser so I can't complain. Lol. The line "When the time comes, will you be ready?" was just awesome. ^_^

MegamanMegafan responds:

Well I am glad that you are interested, but unfortunately the actual flash of this wont be around for a while (if at all). Think maybe summer time...
Currently I am writing the novel. So more of my free time is put towards that than put towards this. The novel will be done (or at least at first draft quality) by either May or June.

P.S. It doesn't really have to do with radioactive material. Its atomic because matter is manipulated at the atomic level.


The script was okay I guess.

But we can't judge this as a finished game, especially when the trailer had nothing to do with the plot. It was a poorly drawn character repeated over and over tweened slowly, zoomed in and out the whole time. Not even any lip syncing...

When you plan to make a game, you have to start small, trust me. You're acting like a total dreamer here. You have to come with an entire script, line by line, action by action, camera movement by camera movement. No game company is going to hire you coming with this. Even if you agree with me on that you still need a portfolio of other games you have written scripts for.

good luck. you'll need it.

MegamanMegafan responds:

This supposed to be just an informer of it.
I know there is still work to be done and I am not worried about it. I am confident that the story will be good enough to become a novel and then a game. I just need to have patience, and I do for the most part.
I just would like some support from people I guess.


Just by looking at this trailer, I am hopeful. Great scriptwriting is coming this way to all the Tankmen! Great work! Chris Lee still needs to bring his mouth a little farther away from the microphone and to not to smack his lips too much...

MegamanMegafan responds:

Indeed, I am going to need to give Hoodhustla some good voice directing for the eventual upcoming Atomic Mayhem Character intro flash. There is still work to be done for that, but hopefully it will get done.
Thank you for your support, I am going to be needing it.

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May 16, 2008
12:48 PM EDT