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Just as the title says. It's a quick review on the ups and downs of twilight princess. I made this in about 2 days. I wanted to try something new so, enjoy.

Edit 5-16-08: Now this is going to sound very n00bish. But I have never heard of this yatzee guy. It wasn't until I googled him after review of me saying I copied him, that I realised that he does do something similar. However 2 things.
1. I speak slower and am not british.
2. I am not a tight wad.
The closest thing to simularity is the use of photoshop, internet pictures and cheep animation.
Summary: If you want to enjoy this video then just watch it, and don't be snoody.

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All the cool people who couldn't wait for the game got the GC version...which doesn't snap your wrist :D
And Zelda fangirls can be brunettes, too!!!! :P
Nice video, though...the game is addicting.


"Pain by the vibrations of the wii remote" XD I don't actually think is a review I actually think is a Critic, well I'm a fangirl of TLOZ series and I don't have Big tits with a triforce necklace in between them. . .

Twilight Princess Review

Finally, another humorous review for a game thats lost its color. Nice job, very witty. Its like a reveiw you would find on X-Play.

Misleading, not an actual review, but entertaining

First off, congratulations on your Daily 9th. It's the only reason I know of this.

I was expecting a review, but this isn't really one. If I was actually considering buying the game and watched this, I wouldn't know much more about it. The title might trick people, and possibly disappoint them.

But it was supposed to be humourous anyway. And yeah, it's funny! Some good short punchy jokes. Not hugely insightful but whatever. Appreciate the image slideshow to accompany your bits.

There's a few things you could improve on. The icon doesn't describe anything about the movie. It's just your logo, and it's been poorly resized. You need to improve on the overall visuals. Most are very basic or Google images. Not so good

Glad you spoke in the review instead of putting it all in as text. You could include some of the music from the game though.

Overall, I was disappointed it wasn't much of a review, but calling it a 'funny review' would be on the nose too. It was watchable, but I wouldn't watch it again. The jokes are kind of unfocused, making fun of Nintendo or the series rather than the actual game. Y'know, typical stuff plenty of others have done before. It's a bit all over the place in general. But hey, stay at it. If you can get a Daily 9th for this, think of what you'll get if you keep improving!

WILIZIN responds:

Thanks for the long review, I will keep these pointers in mind for the next flash I do.


even though Zelda is my favorite series and twilight princess is my favorite game I am going to say that this is funny despite how you insulted almost every aspect of the game but saying how addicting it is is true

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3.24 / 5.00

May 15, 2008
9:13 PM EDT
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